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Activate your Minnesota State Zoom Pro account to host your own online meetings, communicate using computer audio and video, share your screen with other participants, and record meetings and share them with others. All Winona State University students and employees can activate their free Zoom Pro account and gain access to all the features and functions of the professional version of this application.

Activate your account

To activate your account, simply log in for the first time:

  1. Use your favorite browser to go to
  2. Select the Sign In button (Fig 1)
  3. Log in using your StarID username (e.g., ab1234cd) and password. This will open your Zoom host web portal and display your Profile information.

Zoom host web portal

Your Zoom host web portal at is where you can accomplish all of your pre-meeting tasks as a host. Schedule meetings, add polls to meetings, pre-build breakout groups, change meeting settings, and start/join meetings all from your host web portal. As a Zoom host, you will return to this portal regularly. Many hosts start and join all their meetings from this portal exclusively, versus using the desktop Zoom client.

Zoom client for meetings

The desktop client application will download and install automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting, and is also available for manual download. You may notice a shortcut to this application on your dock, desktop, or Start menu. If you use this client to start and join meetings that you are hosting, make sure to sign in with SSO (Fig 2) so Zoom recognizes you as the legitimate host of the meeting. If asked, your domain is minnstate.

Mobile apps

Find the iOS or Android Zoom app in the App Store or Google Play, respectively. Install it on your mobile device as you would any app. When you open the app, make sure to sign in if you are the host of the meeting. You will also need to know the unique ID for the meeting when using the app.

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